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Maintenance and Service offers fast, reliable generator service to keep your generator in top condition. We also provide 24/7/365 emergency response service for those critical times when you need it most. Our factory trained team of generator maintenance and service professionals is always available to respond to your routine or emergency service needs.

One-Time Service
vs. Maintenance Plans

At, our goal is to not only get your equipment serviced and repaired quickly, but to also help you create a preventative maintenance plan to prevent future generator failures. Having a quality maintenance plan in place will increase the reliability and dependability of your generator. Whether you are purchasing a new system, have an existing system, or have an entire fleet, our team of professionals can provide the expert service you need to protect your generator investment.

Priority Service for
Maintenance Plan Customers

Customers with Generator Maintenance Plans receive scheduling priority during mass electrical outages, storms and other emergency service situations. Scheduled maintenance increases the reliability of your standby power system ensuring your generator will perform when the power is out. If your generator fails to perform, rest assured that you will receive priority expert service from

Our generator maintenance plan consists of two visits per year.

Certified Electrical Generator Maintenance Plan


  • Check Battery Water Level
  • Check Battery Specific Gravity to ensure correct battery charge
  • Check Battery Trickle Charger/Battery Cables
  • Check Battery Posts Cables and Charger for loose connections, corrosion and proper operation

Outside Enclosure

  • Check the Air Inlets and Outlets
  • Change the Engine Air Filter


  • Change the Engine Oil
  • Replace the Engine Oil Filter

Engine and Mounting

  • Change Engine Spark Plugs/Check Spark Plug Wires
  • Check the Engine Antifreeze Level
  • Check the Engine Fan Belts for wear, weather cracking and damage
  • Check Engine Fluid Levels
  • Check All Coolant Hoses
  • Check All Pulley Belts
  • Check Ignition Points/Distributor Cap/Rotor
  • Check Choke/Preheat Operation
  • Check Carburetor
  • Check Engine Governor/Actuator
  • Check All Gauges
  • Check DC Engine Alternator
  • Check Low Coolant Shutdown safety feature is operational
  • Check Oil Pressure Regulation Shutdown safety feature is operational
  • Check Warning Lights display during shutdown conditions
  • Check Fuel Regulation Diaphragm
  • Check Water Temperature
  • Start and exercise the unit looking for leaks, loose connections or components, and abnormal operating condition. Correct if necessary.
  • Visual Inspection of the unit for leaks, wear or damage, loose connection or abnormal operating conditions.
  • Test the Engine

Electrical Systems

  • Check the Unit Wiring for loose connections, corrosion and damage
  • Check All Electrical Connections
  • Check All Electrical Controls
  • Check Output Voltage is in specification for Generac
  • Check Transfer Switch Operation
  • Return the unit to stand-by setup for operation when required
  • Initiate an automatic start and transfer the load if desired by customer
  • Verify Main Line Circuit Breaker (MLCB) is switched ON

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